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What is Xterio?

Xterio is a game developer and publisher with a global team footprint. Xterio’s cross-platform portfolio will focus on multiplayer games with deep, rich gaming experiences across multiple genres enhanced by player ownership. We aim to develop web3 native universes that will be expanded across all media and platforms.

We are a group of proven game veterans from FunPlus, Electronic Arts, Zynga, Activision Blizzard, Krafton, Jam City, NetEase, and other top studios. We want to give legitimacy and trust to the nascent web3 gaming and bring the 3 billion gamers amazing worlds & gameplay by leveraging our decades of AAA & F2P learnings.

Stay tuned to our website & socials for some really exciting announcements over the next several months!

Why Xterio?

Fun first: We are lifelong game makers and want to make kick-ass games with incredible graphics and gameplay. Blockchain is a tool in our toolkit to provide a great experience and not the end goal. What good is an on-chain asset if the game is boring? In the upcoming months, we will announce the games that, we hope, will impress you.

The importance of ownership: As a consumer, I have always been bothered by purchasing games on digital platforms as I had no right to resell them. In the physical world, I can buy a physical copy of the same game and resell it after use or buy a pack of collectible cards to obtain a rare one to keep, trade, or sell. Why can’t this be the case when it comes to digital goods? It makes no sense… At Xterio, we believe that the assets you win in the game or purchase should be yours to keep and own.

We are community-driven: We want to build our games, IPs, and platform with you. Your direct participation will define the games we work on, the art styles, the partnerships we secure, the online and offline events we organize, the economic model that benefits the whole community, and much more… We want to be fully transparent about Xterio’s ongoing development (by the way: please join our Discord!).

We are global and believe in a better tomorrow: We are a global team with people working together across borders, cultures, and backgrounds. This gives us a unique approach to reaching people worldwide by engaging with them directly. Making games together is our way of proving that regardless of our differences, nothing brings people closer than playing and building together. That’s the spirit of web3 for us.

What do we promise you?

Your trust is all we have: This is not just words on the walls. Xterio is not a “get rich” quick scheme, it’s a means to achieve our childhood dreams of building games that millions of people worldwide will love. We are excited to be among the first game makers to build enticing game worlds: Everything we do is to deliver fun and value to you. We hope to prove it to you soon and keep your trust for years to come.

Games for everyone: We are building free-to-play games enhanced by blockchain technology. We offer experiences that everyone can enjoy without buying expensive NFTs. Also, we are building a platform that will, shortly, allow everyone to trade NFTs without going through the current friction points of today’s crypto and seamlessly onboard partner developers into the web3 ecosystem.

Bringing you fun and value: We want to build a healthy ecosystem that focuses on creating real value. Our NFTs will be interoperable and provide real value. I wish I could tell you about our upcoming announcements and products, but we want to save some secrets for later, too!

Once again, thank you so much for your interest. Please join the Xterio adventure to see what’s next by joining our Discord community and following our Twitter! We can’t wait to show you what we have been building in stealth mode for months!







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