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What is UpDown?

UpDown is a fun and simple decentralized prediction market.
Predict whether a token price will rise or fall – guess correctly to win!
It’s easy to take part:
  • Choose “Classic” for 5 minute rounds or choose “Predict” for 24 hour rounds.
  • Predict if the price of a token will be higher or lower at the end of the round than it is at the start of the round.
  • If you enter an “UP” position, and the “Closed Price” at the end of the round is higher than the “Locked Price” from the beginning, you WIN! If it’s lower, you lose.
  • If you enter a “DOWN” position, and the “Closed Price” is higher than the “Locked Price,” you LOSE! If it’s lower, you win.
Discover strategies and nuances while you play, or check out the how-to sections for help.
Beta Version – Available Now!
Before you can use UpDown, you’ll need to review and accept the terms.

Visit the UpDown website. You will see a “Welcome!” window explaining that the game is still in beta.








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