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**TOP Planets — Mars**
There are 12 different biomes on the surface of Mars, on each of them you can extract resources corresponding to their ecosystems. Resources play an important economic role and can be used to create buildings or exchange them for MCoin, TON or MARS between mars owners. Each resource is an important component of the economic system. The game uses inflationary and deflationary mechanisms to adjust the prices of resources according to supply and demand, and the cost of each resource depends on the rarity of the biome on which it is mined. By developing your lots, buying and training the Marsoids that work on them, you can get NFT licenses that give you access to more complex buildings. Also, at any stage of development, you get achievements in the form of NFTs, which will give you advantages in the game and which you can sell on the project’s marketplace.

**Bot** — t.me/TONPlanetsBot
**Site** — https://tonplanets.com/
**Map** — https://mars.tonplanets.com/




TON Planets Mars



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